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Champaign, IL & Urbana, Illinois

Business Private Investigative Services

Illinois private investigator, Foster Investigations, has experience working private investigation cases in the Champaign / Urbana Illinois area including:

  • Criminal defense investigations from employee theft to capital murder cases
  • Civil cases
  • Surveillance – workers compensation
  • Witness location to assist in civil/criminal cases
  • Family law matters
  • Child custody investigations
  • Located over 1000 defendants to assist in a wide range of civil cases
  • Other customized investigations

Foster Investigations is in close proximity to the Champaign / Urbana IL area and has provided investigative services to law firms, businesses, banks and the general public in Champaign / Urbana IL for over 10 years.

Foster Investigations is licensed and fully insured in the State of Illinois

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Every case is different.  You’ll get a customized investigation to meet your needs.  For professional service and a free initial phone consultation or to schedule an investigation or process service, contact Mark Foster today

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